Parke County Covered Bridges Festival

Mansfield Parke

When: October 11-20, 2019

Where: Mansfield Covered Bridge, Parke County, Indiana

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About the Festival

Each October, Mansfield becomes a mecca for serious shoppers, who come from near and far to enjoy an unforgettable shopping bonanza. This ten-day festival transforms Mansfield into a sea of unique finds. And no day at the Covered Bridge Festival would be complete without enjoying the wide variety of food and entertainment that is available at every turn.

The Mansfield Village celebration of the Covered Bridge Festival is unlike anywhere else in the county. As over a million visitors gather in October each year in Parke County, the Mansfield Covered Bridge stands out as one of the most visited bridges in the county. Built in 1867, this bridge is 247 feet long and was built by J. J. Daniels to cross Big Raccoon Creek. It is an icon that continues to remind us of a simpler time.

Chances are that not many folks stopped in the middle of a covered bridge to comment on its beauty or ingenious construction a hundred years ago. They simply used it to cross a body of water. Yet, what was built with an ordinary purpose has become for many a source of extraordinary beauty; a muse for lovers, artists and writers; a focal point for wedding planners; and a curiosity for engineers and tourists. Unfortunately they are also fragile, often falling prey to vandalism and arson. With more covered bridges than any other county in Indiana, Parke County's thirty-one remaining treasures give good reason for calling us the “Covered Bridge Capital”, with the oldest bridge dating back to 1856 and the newest to 2006.

The majestic Mansfield Covered Bridge is at the center of activity during the festival in this historic village located in the southern part of Parke County. The 1920’s Mansfield Roller Mill stands just up the creek. It is still in operation today.

In Mansfield you will find:

  • Free trolley rides from Hilltop Farm parking lots across SR 59
  • The best strawberry shortcake in Parke County at Fox’s Overlook Kitchen downtown
  • Covered food court
  • Live entertainment
  • Wide variety of unique food and product vendors
  • Craft Tent, Craft House, and Craft Pavillion
  • Commercial Tents
  • Ole Barnyard
  • Children’s entertainment

With nearly 2,000,000 visitors attending the various sites across Parke County during the Covered Bridge Festival each year, over 100,000 people cross the Mansfield Bridge each day!

Vendor Information

Prime vendor locations are available at Mansfield Parke - located in the heart of Mansfield, the largest attraction of the ten-day Parke County Covered Bridge Festival!

Attendance: Over 1,000,000 people attend the Mansfield site of the Covered Bridge Festival each year.

With an estimated two million visitors attending the Covered Bridge Festival each October, nearly 100,000 people cross the Mansfield Bridge each day during the festival.

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Wonderful things you can discover...

  • Mansfield Village Welcome Center
  • Free trolley rides from Hilltop Farm parking lots across SR 59
  • Covered food court
  • Live entertainment
  • General Store
  • Craft Tent
  • Old Barnyard
  • Craft Pavilion
  • Children’s Entertainment